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Eye conditions

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostics, laser, medical and surgical treatments for most ocular conditions. To find out more about the conditions we treat, click on the links below.


A cataract is a clouding of your lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision.

Eyelid problems

Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the eyelids and usually causes itching and irritation.


Kerataconus is a dystrophic disorder of the eye where the cornea stretches and becomes an abnormal cone shape.


Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions which cause optic nerve damage and can affect your vision.

Age related macular degeneration (AMD)

AMD is an eye condition that affects a tiny part of the retina at the back of the eye, called the macula.


A squint is a condition where the eyes do not look together in the same direction.

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes.