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Mr. Imran Masood
B.Sc (Hons) MB ChB MRCS (Ed) FRCOphth

Specialist interests: Routine and complex cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery.


Mr. Masood is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Director of the Glaucoma service at the prestigious Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (a tertiary referral centre). He has been a consultant for 7 years and has huge experience in routine and complicated cataract surgery as well as the diagnosis and management of all forms of glaucoma. Mr. Masood is an international leader in the field of glaucoma surgery with a particular interest in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. He also has an interest in complex anterior segment surgery including iris reconstruction and intra-ocular lens complications.

Mr. Masood has a particular interest in angle closure glaucoma, complex cataract surgery, cataract surgery in glaucoma patients, complex trabeculectomy, aqueous shunt procedures and in minimally invasive (key hole) glaucoma operations. He is a leader in MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) and was the first surgeon in the UK to use the Hydrus Schlemm’s canal stent to lower eye pressure and has the largest series in the world of stent procedures in complex glaucoma patients. Mr. Masood has 5 year follow-ups in some of these cases with excellent eye pressure control and maintenance of vision.

More recently Mr. Masood has gained signifcant experience in the use of the CYPASS stent, the XEN stent and canaloplasty/goniotomy surgery of Schlemm’s canal.

Mr. Masood specialises in:

  1. The Diagnosis, Medical and Laser (SLT) management of all forms of glaucoma
  2. Routine and complex cataract surgery uncluding the use of astigmatism correcting implants
  3. Iris reconstruction
  4. Intra-ocular lens exchange and repositioning procedures
  5. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery: Istent, Canaloplasty, Goniotomy, CYPASS, Xen
  6. Complex Glaucoma Surgery: Mitomycin augmented trabeculectomy and aqueous shunt implantation.

To date he has performed over 5,000 cataract procedures and over 1,000 glaucoma surgeries in his NHS and private practices.

Mr. Masood is the director of the Supra-regional Glaucoma service at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre. He is also the Co-director of the Birmingham Institute for Glaucoma Research based in the Institute for Translational Medicine. In addition to his clinical work, Mr. Masood is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and an advisor to NICE on interventional glaucoma procedures.